You could live on a farm out in the middle of nowhere, and you still need an alarm system on your house. Rural properties would be a smart place for criminals to hit. The reason being now is that many rural property owners travel to cities to work every day. Not that long ago everyone out in the country worked the land. Your workplace was right outside your door. We live in such an area and went to to get our home security system.

I was convinced that out here either us or our neighbors would notice strange vehicles or odd things going on at each others homes at odd times. However, that was not the case. We were home when our closest neighbor got burglarized. I did not notice anything. I was working in the garage fixing our lawnmower when it most likely happened. Cars were going by on the road sporadically just as usual. I spotted another neighbor go by in his pickup, but did not pay much attention to the other cars. There weren’t that many of them, but one of them had to have been the thief.

They took TVs, computers, tablets, video game consoles, jewelry and a small safe. The thieves had time and wrecked the place. My neighbor did not have an alarm system. Now both of us do. The early warning is great when you are home. The fact that our home security systems are monitored by live agents is perfect for when we are not home. I do not know what would have happened if my neighbor would have came home while the thief or thieves were there. The police indicate that it is likely it was someone he knows. That is really scary to think about. Our alarm system gives us peace of mind.