When I am feeling down in the dumps, I try to do something nice for myself as soon as I recognize it. Sometimes, the feelings can be so intense that I might stay lost in those feelings for a bit, which is why I do my best to treat myself so I don’t stay there. I am a social worker, so I see a lot of the things in life that other people like to pretend don’t happen. After a particularly rough case, I knew that I was going to find a manicure service in Singapore and have my nails done.

That may sound odd, but it is very therapeutic for me. If people in my profession don’t have small things like this, then the darkness can be overwhelming. My friends and family help some, but I am not able to share most details with them. That is why I choose to do little things like this. Though, this is the first time I have had my nails done professionally. I had seen some on a lawyer who had stopped by for some information, and I fell in love with her happy nails. That is the only way to describe them.

When she caught me looking at them, she told me where she had them done. Since she takes on a lot of pro bono cases to help people who can’t help themselves, I figured she did that as a type of therapy as well. I went there and was impressed from the moment I walked in. I ended up getting something very similar to what she had done, but I had a more floral design. Every time I look at them, it just makes me smile. That is why this is going to be one of my regular treats from now on.