Of course I got lucky in that the person selling the house was looking to get rid of it and did almost nothing to make it look better for the market. There were plenty of things wrong with it when I bought, but the truth is almost all of the problems were superficial. I am looking at how to find out more about home security and home automation right now, since I am looking at ways to make the house less expensive to live in. You have to think about ways to decrease the bills for energy first of all. I definitely do not intend to pay four hundred dollars per month for electricity the way that some people I know will have to do. Of course this is a small home, but we want to fix it so that the house knows when we are there and when we are going to be there.

This is not really so difficult a thing, but you have to pay for the electronics and you have to be able to execute the solution. The simple way works like this, you have a smart phone and the smart phone is going to be where you are nearly all of the time day and night. So the phone can tell the house where it is and probably guess where it is going based on your patterns. If it is half past eight on a Monday morning there is a good chance you are on your way to your job. Then at five minutes after five if you are moving, then it is a safe bet that you are on your way home. However the phone will know where it is and can tell the house to make things cozy for you before you get there.