I’m so proud of my son after seeing his new test scores. The H2 physics tuition that I paid for has been worth every bit of money. Before he started using the tuition service, I was afraid that he was going to fail his class and be kept back because of it. He had always been a good student and never been in danger of failing anything, so it came as a bit of a shock to me and him. He was on the verge of tears, which never happens because he always tries to be the cool kid.

Once my son started using the service, everything turned around in the blink of an eye. He became more familiar with what was being presented to him in the class, and he could put what he learned to use in examples on homework and on tests. There is something about this particular kind of science that students usually have trouble with, and I think it’s because of all of the formulas that they’re introduced to during the course. It almost feels like a math course at times. I know when I was taking the same class, I didn’t like it because of this.

I always look forward to seeing what grades my son brings home, but now I look forward to them even more because they’re good again. My son can’t wait to take another test in physics, because he thinks that he will have the highest grade. I told him not to get too cocky, but it’s good that he has goals and wants to be the best in his class. The other students are gunning for the top spot as well, so he will have some competition on his hands, but I think he can beat out all of the others.