Bainbridge News Taste of the Middle East This Week at BCWhen I first started listening to international news, it seemed that a good bit of it was revolved around the Middle East. I knew very little about all of the conflict that seems to occur on a regular basis there, so I knew that I had to get educated. I did a search for Middle East news and found a site that had current articles about the Middle East conflicts with a major emphasis on Israel. I just dug right in and started to read all of the current news stories, but I discovered that I needed to learn some history about the area first.

With every article that I read, I learned that this conflict has been nonstop since the beginning of time. I was able to learn about the storied history of this area through the various articles which helped me to realize that the entire situation is extremely complex. I am able to understand the in-depth geopolitical articles much more now that I know more about the history of the region. The news stories that I read now have to do with the constant conflict, but there are so many other stories that I am able to read too and actually understand.

I have been able to read about the resources that have promoted interstate conflict, how poverty has a major role in the conflicts, and economic development and growth. What I find particularly interesting are the articles about Israel. It has been interesting to read articles that have gone in-depth about the fight for land and the differences in religions. When I read the international news now, I understand it to a better level, but I am not sure I will ever completely understand the conflicts that have been going on since biblical times. From what I read there, I can tell that I am not alone in this.