When my grandparents agreed to go to the amusement park with us, we were all excited. Our group included my husband and myself, my sister and her husband, and the six kids we have between us. Having our grandparents with us just made an awesome day even more amazing. What was supposed to be a fun day turned into a painful one for my gram though when she rode a roller coaster. Her neck hurt even before the ride was over, and we ended up taking her to a San Jose chiropractor the next day.

The chiropractor was very gentle with her because she was in a lot of pain at that point. He told us that the X-rays showed that her spine was not in perfect alignment, and that an adjustment should take care of it quickly enough. She agreed to having that done, because she was just in so much pain and wanted to feel normal again. He had her lay on her belly on the table, face down, and then he performed the adjustment. It was much quicker than she expected, and she told us that she instantly felt better.

The way she described it, it felt like there was something pressing hard against something inside her neck. Once the adjustment was done, she felt warm after hearing a pop. She no longer felt the pain, and she said she even felt better than she did before she got on the roller coaster. The chiropractor talked with her and my grandfather, and he explained the benefits of having chiropractic care at any age, but especially theirs. My grandma did not need convinced, and they both now see a chiropractor on a fairly regular basis. You’d think she would not want to ride any more roller coasters either, but she is super excited about our upcoming trip to Disney so she can ride them again.