Of course it was not really the boss who gave the orders. When you get right down to it the guy is just the boss as long as his wife and her family says that he is. She came in one day and began to look over the guys who worked in the office. I am probably the youngest and certainly the fittest guy there, so I got to help move her daughter to the new development called the New Futura in Singapore There are a number of 36 storey towers planned if you look at the web page, but only a couple of them are up now. I was really amazed when I learned that the place had private lifts that go right up to the condo that you live in. I had heard of things like that, but usually it is only for the person that owns the penthouse and that is going to be a really rich person nearly every single time.

There was another guy there and I think that he was the boyfriend, but I know that he seemed to be terrified of the mother. I was trying to act like I was not worried about her, but at the same time I sure as the devil was not going to step upon this woman’s toes. She was nice to me, but it seemed pretty obvious that she did not care for the other guy. I rented a truck and drove it, they led me where we were going in a Mercedes Benz 500 series, one of the really nice ones. I could not help thinking how silly it really is to have such an expensive car in Singapore where it is as much of a nuisance as it is anything of real value to you.