I took copywriting courses in Singapore in order to get into the marketing field. I’m not really into the sales part of marketing, where you come up with grand ideas to sell lots of products to various niches or groups. I’m more of a creative writing person. I like to play with words and come up with catchy phrases. I wrote a lot when I was younger and all of my teachers said I should go into some career field where writing plays a central role. Becoming an author is too risky for me, so I wanted something that would actually earn me money.

Advertising seemed the way to go. They always need good writers to create text that helps grab eyes. The problem is that almost anything to do with marketing requires an extensive college education. While I do like to write, I don’t want to go through four or more years of higher education in order to get a degree in English that seems to be pretty much useless in this day and age. So I looked around for courses that would specifically focus on copywriting, figuring that such a narrow focus would help me land a job.

I found a great school that offers such courses. It’s nice to know that I can get these classes done in a reasonable amount of time and start my job search. While some of my friends are still grinding away at the university, I’ll already be out in the real world learning solid skills and making a decent wage. Plus I won’t be saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in higher education loan debt. I think these classes will help me move into a job quite quickly and I can’t wait to get started and get out and start making a living!