When I was young, I was quite the rebellious teenager. I thought that I knew everything. I soon learned that I knew nothing after I was in a terrible car accident after a night of partying. It changed my life. I was in the hospital for a long time afterward, and I had many facial scars. Now that I no longer need reconstructive surgery, I’ve been going to an aesthetic clinic in Singapore to have some of the scars on my face removed. It has been so nice to look in the mirror and see myself becoming more beautiful after each aesthetic treatment.

Often, when a young person gets into trouble, people are very quick to blame the parents. It is common for people to ask, “Where were the parents when this happened?” or “What kind of parents don’t teach their children to not do bad things?” Those kinds of remarks are really off base when it comes to my parents. My parents tried so hard to get me to be someone who cared about what they had to say. They tried so hard to ground me or take things away when I misbehaved. Those things just caused me to rebel even more. I think that most parents would give up on their kids for the sake of their sanity, but mine never stopped trying to be good parents to me.

On the night that I was in the bad car accident, I had a terrible argument with my mom. I stormed out of the house and went to visit friends. My friends and I drank a lot, and then we went out driving. My best friend was driving that night and she lost control of the car. I am the only person who survived. That incident woke me up and changed my life. My parents had tried for years to get me to focus on school and be a good kid. It didn’t work. The damage done to my body and face are the only things that woke me up.